Customer Service

Dipped Strawberry handling,

While we take every precaution to buy the best possible strawberries, please note that strawberries are not grown locally and we depend on importers for supply, we can not guarantee that the strawberry will be sweet, we do however guarantee that the chocolate on the strawberry would be absolutely yummy.

One of out biggest challenges is sourcing strawberries as sometimes our suppliers for multiple reasons run out. In this case we would offer to prepare the order on another day or offer a refund.


Fresh Flowers handling:

Keep your flowers watered and they will reward you with a lengthy bloom. For handheld bouquets a packet of food in attached to the sleeve, add the same to the water you will be placing the flowers in. Make sure that the container is of suitable size for the flowers. Trim the stems of the flowers at a 45⁰ angle before placing in water. Keep flowers in a cool place.

Cake Handling

KEEP REFRIDGERATED! Our Buttercream is made using 100% Butter. We also fill our cakes with fillings that are perishable.  Zero shortening is used. Refridgeration will prevent the buttercream and chocolate from melting and keep your cake safe.. Cakes can be stored in the fridge for up to seven days, we advise that you place plastic directly on the cut surface of the cake to prevent it from drying out. You can also cut your cake into desired pieces, wrap and store them in the freezer, this will be safe for up to three months.  For cakes we ask that you order at least seven days in advance. You can WhatsApp us on +592-629-9093 with any issues, and or special instructions.

CUSTOMIZATION: We do make custom cakes but we ask for 14 working days’ notice so that we can adequately prepare. Again please WhatsApp us your order so that we can have a written record of what you would like, so that we get it right. We will direct invoice you for the custom cake.


We operate in an environment that is NOT FREE from Gluten, nuts and dairy. As such our cakes are not Gluten free, when asked to do gluten free it will be gluten friendly. The same for out chocolate products. We use Belgian Chocolate produced in a facility that handles nuts. If you have a nut, milk or chocolate allergy, it would be advisable to not consume our products.


A delivery fee is charged if you choose to have your order delivered. Our fee structure is clearly set out in the checkout tab. Please be sure to enter the correct delivery address and choose the right area for delivery before you checkout. A delivery note will be signed upon delivery of the item. This will serve as proof of delivery. If you would like a gift message attached, please fill out the gift message box on your order form.

Customers are also offered the option of coming in and picking up the item themselves or sending someone in to pick-up on their behalf. Once the delivery note has been signed we consider the item as delivered and will not take responsibility for any damages that may occur during transportation.

Sentiment card

A sentiment card is placed on every arrangement. Please place the message that you’d like to send. Please also indicate name of the recipient and name of the sender on the form so we’ll know how to address same.

Pricing Policy

All prices displayed are actual prices. No hidden fees!

Reminiscence’s policy is to give you the best value for your dollars. We take great pains to make sure each item is crafted to perfection. If there is a price change, we will let you know in advance and displayed prices on the website will be updated. If you had already placed your order then we will honor that promise and make delivery.

 Ordering Procedure

We can only ship to one address per order. Please start a new order if you’d like to ship to multiple delivery addresses.

  1. Choose the item that you’d like to order from the images in the shopping section.
  2. You pay using our secure checkout system
  3. We deliver. It’s that simple!


It is possible to cancel an order however, 24 hour notice is necessary and a 5% cancellation fee will be charged.