Choose the right edible gift!

Choose the right edible gift!

May 3, 2015
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How to choose “the right edible gift”.

As if choosing a gift for someone isn’t hard enough already! Well… we are here to make your gifting experience a whole lot easier.

Here are several reasons to choose an edible gift instead of other possibilities:

  • Our fruit bouquets are healthy –We offer chocolate free options. Fruits are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.
  • They are beautiful– our bouquets are artfully assembled with the best quality fruit. The mixture of colours come together to create arrangements that are very eye catching. They are also very aromatic and mouth watering .
  • They are multifunctional– imagine hosting a lunch or party of some kind where the centerpieces are enjoyed by sight, touch and taste. No wastage there!
  • They are suitable for any occasion– need I say more? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding or a just a “thinking of you gift” our arrangements will serve well!
  • They can be enjoyed at any age- From kids to grown-ups our arrangements or dipped fruit platters are sure to delight.

And the list goes on and on…

Here are some things you should consider when buying a fruit arrangement:

  • Budget- the number one thing here is to set a budget and not go over, unless you see something that you hadn’t thought of and you just have to have it. Our arrangements start from as low as USD $27.50 or G $5,500. Or we have boxes of dipped fruit for as little at USD $15 or G$3,000.
  • Likes of Recipient- Everybody loves strawberries right? Wrong!!! Do your research on the person you are shopping for, not everyone loves fruits or every fruit. One of my best friends hates strawberries! Discuss your fruit needs with one of our representatives and your budget and I am sure that we can come up with a great solution for you.
  • Mix it up- Don’t be afraid to try something different, we have some excellent combinations that will leave the recipient wanting more. Have you tried our dipped apple slices or apple cinnamon truffles? The combination is amazing. There is also my personal favourite Pineapple+ white chocolate+ coconut= HEAVEN! Our dipped bananas are delicious and decadent. So next time, find out what alternatives we have if there are no strawberries in the country please.
  • Size- You need to consider if the gift will be enjoyed by one person or if it will be put out at a party. It really makes no sense to buy a grandmother or a bachelor who lives alone the largest basket available, it will not prove your love and affection for them, it will make them feel like you have wasted your money.
  • Delivery time and place- think about when and where you want to send the gift. If you are surprising the person at work you may consider sending it closer to lunch time, when they can enjoy and share it right away. If you are sending it to the person’s home, make sure there will be someone there to receive it and store it properly. We live in a very hot country; last thing you want is for your beautiful surprise to become a runny mess before the recipient sees it or gets to enjoy it.
  • Sentiment note: It is always a great idea to attach a few words with your gift, think about it before you place your order so that you say exactly what you want to say. That way, you make sure that we get it right.

Thank you for reading! I will be posting more soon.

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Life’s special occasions deserve a sweet memory!

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